Charged with a Crime? What to Expect

11 February 2020
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The criminal process directs that those arrested be charged with a crime or released within a certain time (usually 2 or 3 days). There is more than a single way for these charges to come about, however. Read on to find out more about how the charging process works. 1. Charging Document It's safe to say that almost all charges are filed by law enforcement following an arrest in the below manner. Read More 

Effectively Preparing Your Final Affairs

10 February 2020
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Preparing for your eventual passing is an important aspect of protecting and preserving your legacy. Unfortunately, the fact that this can be an unpleasant task to plan may be enough to discourage individuals from pursuing this option. Yet, preparing and maintaining a will is likely to be a much easier task than you might assume. Do You Really Need A Will If You Have Limited Assets? While those that are wealthy will often have fairly elaborate wills and estate plans, it is a reality that most people will have some assets and possessions that they may wish to give to particular individuals. Read More 

Things Couples Cannot Do Once A Spouse Files The Divorce Petition

5 February 2020
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Filing a petition for divorce is the first legal step in a divorce. A spouse can file this petition through his or her local courthouse or by hiring a lawyer to create the petition and file it. Once filed, this petition creates the start of the divorce process, and it also stops spouses from doing certain things. Here are some of the things that spouses cannot do once it is filed. Read More 

How To Get Guardianship Of Your Child Back

3 February 2020
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Did you lose guardianship rights to your child at some point in the past? If you did and now want guardianship rights back, there is a process you can use to do so. This process does not guarantee that you will get your rights back, but it is a process you must use if you want to try. Here are some of the vital steps you will need to take. Read More 

Bitten By A Dog While Trespassing - Who’s Responsible?

28 January 2020
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Dog bite injuries are a common reason for a personal injury claim, but even cases like this that seem like they should be straightforward can get pretty complicated. Certain factors can mean there is more to a case than simply filing a suit against the dog owner, collecting a settlement, and moving on. One thing that can complicate the situation pretty drastically is if the person who was bitten by a dog was on the property without permission of the homeowner. Read More